Miss Frisky - Cabaret Diva. M.C. Chanteuse, Singer, Comedian, Actor, Director, Laura Corcoran.

Miss Frisky Cabaret Host, M.C. Singer, Chanteuse, Comedian, Actor, Director, Laura Corcoran

Miss Frisky - M.C.

Whether delighting thousands of diners annually at Germany and Austria’s prestgious ‘Palazzo’ Dinnershows, bringing the party atmosphere to hoardes of revellers at the legendary Glastonbury Festival or presiding over the raucus proceedings at in London’s Circus venue, there is no-one who can entertain a crowd quite like Miss Frisky.

A quadruple threat who is at home on stage in any scenario from fancy awards dinner to cabaret dive-bar – Frisky is in demand around the world as the affable, acerbic hostess – ready to turn the night on its head at a moment’s notice.

With thunderous musical numbers, roaring personality and DEAFENING outfits, you’ll be waving goodbye to your cares, and likely your drink if you’re sitting too close to the stage!

Miss Frisky Cabaret Singer

Miss Frisky - Chanteuse, Singer

An astonishing vocalist, Frisky was fantastically recieved as the star musical turn in the international sensation that is ‘La Soireé’ and has been a featured vocalist on numerous BBC Radio and Television projects.

She can often be heard singing in her inimitable style in in London’s Salon Des Artistes and The Parlour events, as well as The Curious Cabaret at Manchester’s ‘Escape To Freight Island’.

Miss Frisky Laura Corcoran

Miss Frisky - Comedian Frisky & Mannish

As part of cabaret/comedy superstar duo , Frisky & Mannish, Lady F and her partner-in-crime have wowed audiences in around the world with their unique brand of pop-parodic mash-up craziness.

The pair have killed it at festivals in Edinburgh, Sydney and everywhere in-between. They’ve been all over radio (BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Live and 6 Music) and television (BBC2 and 3), and they even made their own feature-length concert film, ‘Popcorn’ in 2021.

Their Youtube Channel has over 1 million views and their Podcast reached number 1 on the iTunes Comedy Chart.

When not with Mannish, Frisky (un-wigged as Laura Corcoran) is a talented comedy writer/performer in her own right, with script-editing credits and thousands of hours on-stage, dishing out the giggles.

Miss Frisky Cabaret Singer

Laura Corcoran - Director

While co-producing her own stage and filmed productions with Frisky & Mannish, Laura has also directed shows around the world, notably musical legend Elaine Paige‘s 2014 Tour, which culminated in a glorious closing night at the Royal Albert Hall.

Laura has also brought life to a number of high-profile spectacles on the London Cabaret scene, including ‘Between The Sheets’ and ‘Hotel Black Cat’, and lent her creative skills to the hugely successful immersive dining experience ‘Gingerline’.

She has also directed 2 short films which have racked up nearly ninety thousand views on YouTube.

2022 sees Laura directing FIVE brand new shows – click on the images below to learn more.


Kirsty Mann - Directed by Laura CorcoranDelirious - A State Of Wild Excitement - Directed by Laura CorcoranBlack Cabaret Presents: Halcyon Nights - Directed by Laura CorcoranSugarcoated Sisters - Directed by Laura CorcoranWonderville London - Directed by Laura Corcoran

Miss Frisky Laura Corcoran

Laura Corcoran - Actor

Laura is a versatile character actor with experience on radio, stage and screen. In 2021, she starred in her own feature-length film – ‘Popcorn‘, which she co-wrote with Matthew Floyd Jones.

And she had a bit-part in ‘Misfits’ once.